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How Can I Care For My Hardwood Floor in The Winter?

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and you’re most comfortable snuggling up indoors away from it all! But even so, you’ll have to make the trip outside eventually and that means one thing: tracking in snow, slush, ice, and dirt in and getting it all over your beautiful hardwood floors! While an effective sealant takes care of most of your average waterproofing needs, a big pile of snow might be more than it can deal with. So how can you care for your hardwood floor in the winter? Let JKE Hardwood Flooring tell you.

The simplest way to keep snow and ice from touching your hardwood floors is by never letting it get inside in the first place! Take advantage of your porch of mudroom and knock off as much snow and ice as possible from your shoes before heading inside.

Don’t have a mudroom? Set up an area in the immediate entryway of your home where you can have towels or small area rugs at the ready. If your snow boots are still dripping when you get inside, let the fibers soak up the water so that they don’t reach the wood. You can easily toss the towels in the dryer so that they’re ready for the next time- not so easy to do with hardwood flooring!

If you have pets, you know how prone they are to tracking in mud and dirt on a regular basis. When you bring them back inside after their daily walk, try to keep them on the lease until you’re able to give their paws a quick pat down with a dry cloth.

To protect your hardwood floors from water damage in winter, do your best to keep snow out of your house and off of your floors!

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