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How Can I Remove A Red Wine Stain From My Hardwood Floor?


Even the most graceful among us can’t help an accidental spill – and sometimes that means getting red wine on your beautiful hardwood floor. Red wine notably leaves a mark on most anything it touches, which means it can easily leave a stain on your floor. The sooner you can remove the stain, the better. Here are some tips for removing a red wine stain from a wood floor.

First things first: get it off the floor as quickly as you can! Try using a wet paper towel to blot up the wine, but be careful to not rub it into the wood. Undiluted bleach can also help remove red wine stains from your hardwood floor – pour it on the stain and let it sit for 45 minutes. Though it may take off a surface coat of finish, it may also remove the stain. Use gloves while working with bleach so as to not damage your skin.

If the bleach doesn’t work, you can try mixing oil soap with hot water. Follow the directions on the package of oil soap to get the right mixture, and then use a soft cloth to scrub the mixture into the wood. Hopefully the red wine stain will have lifted right off your floors by now. In the event it hasn’t, you can try making a soda paste from baking soda with mineral, lemon, or linseed oil. Once the paste has formed, you can use a soft cloth to rub it into the stain. Be sure to rub the mixture in the direction of the grain, rather than against it. Leave it on for 30 minutes before removing with a dry, clean cloth.

One thing you should try to avoid doing is using rottenstone or pumice stone. While these could potentially work, they are more likely to do significant damage to your hardwood floors due to their abrasive nature. If none of the steps above work, contact a local wood floor professional to get the red wine stain out of the floor without damaging it to the point that you need to hire someone to repair the floor.

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