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History of Hardwood Flooring

History of Hardwood Flooring

Here is a brief history of hardwood flooring.

While hardwood flooring is known for its elegance and timelessness, hardwood flooring being timeless doesn’t mean that it’s been around forever! Here is a brief history of hardwood flooring.

The Beginning

Hardwood floors were first enjoyed by the wealthiest and members of royalty, due to their added expense. Early hardwood floors were actually completely hand-scraped and sanded by workers. Workers would put roughly cut planks of wood on the ground and then use hand tools to individually scrape down the flooring. Next, they would take actual handfuls of sand to rub along the length of the wood until it was smooth. Obviously, most people could not afford hardwood flooring!

The New World

The dawning of the Colonial Era in America meant that there was plenty of wood. As a result, hardwood flooring became much more commonplace. From 1800-1945, hardwood was typically manufactured from local trees in the area and installed in simple patterns. The only other options for flooring were tile and linoleum, which were typically used in the bathroom or the kitchen (places where hardwood would be vulnerable to rotting or damage). Carpeting was not commonly used, since it was very expensive.

Post-World War 2

After World War Two, new products emerged onto the market and hardwood flooring became less popular. Since synthetic fibers emerged from scientific manufacturing laboratories, hardwood floors seemed old school and antiquated. Ironically, hardwood flooring became popular again in the 1990s with the invention of engineered hardwood flooring. Since wood was more affordable, homeowners began to choose it again.


Today, hardwood flooring is the most loved and celebrated type of flooring. It adds a tremendous amount of value to your home and can totally make over the way that your rooms appear. It adds a good amount of curb appeal and will entice many more potential buyers.

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