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Choosing the Perfect Stain Color for Your Hardwood Floors

perfect stain color

What is the perfect stain color?

What is the perfect stain color? More specifically, what is the perfect stain color for your hardwood floors? Choosing this could be one of the trickiest decisions you will ever make about your interior decorating. Your floors are an important part of your home. Make them a point of pride. Learn more about choosing the perfect stain color in this week’s edition of the blog.


How Do You Choose the Perfect Stain Color?


  • What species is your floor? First you must consider what species of wood your floor is made of. Oak is the most forgiving and allows for the most variety of colors. Other types of wood, such as birch, maple, pine, and fir are much more difficult to stain. It’s probably best to leave them at their natural appearance, in this case. These woods don’t take in the staining very well. Still they can be modified with sanding and conditioning.
  • What kinds of traffic and light levels? Next, consider what  kinds of traffic and light levels your floors will see. Light colors that are more natural help a room open up. They add more light to a room that needs it. Any small cosmetic damages won’t show up as much. Darker stains can help hide flaws that wood might naturally already have. The most important factor is the atmosphere of the room, and also how much you feel like cleaning that room.
  • Complement your interior design: Whatever colors you need or choose, they can easily blend in. Complete your interior design with almost limitless choices. Light stains are extremely bright, but also factor in how bright you want the floors to be. Medium stains are a classic choice that go with almost any theme. Dark stains have become trendy as well. Combined with other designs, they can really bring out a gorgeous look. Also, you can highlight your best furniture pieces.     



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