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Hardwood Flooring Species: A Through B


Beechwood flooring is light, beautiful, and goes perfectly with dark furniture and cabinets.

When choosing hardwood flooring for your home, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. From ash to white oak, there are a lot of hardwood flooring species for you to choose from. So to make this choice easier, we’ve decided to go through all of the hardwood flooring species you can choose from, starting with A through D. So let’s get started!

Ash White

Ash white is domestic. The top portion of this wood is finished with a water-based finish while the bottom portion is finished with an oil-base. The heartwood of this species ranges in color from light tan to dark brown while the sapwood is a creamy white. The grain of this wood is bold and straight with moderate openings and occasional wavy figuring. Ash white is readily available for installation.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is imported from Asia, specifically from China and Vietnam. Bamboo flooring is also finished with a top water-based and bottom oil-based finish. This species is typically available in light manila yellow tone or a dark tannish brown shade. The colors do vary between the manufacturers. This flooring has a distinctive grain pattern that shows nodes from the bamboo stalks. This wood is either laminated horizontally or vertically depending on your choice but the horizontal style shows the nodes more prominently.


Beechwood is available domestically and is moderately available. The colors of this wood vary depending on the type of wood it is. Heartwood is mostly a reddish brown color while the sapwood is generally a pale white. The grain of this wood is mostly closed with straight grain lines. The grain is also informed in texture and is coarser than European beech wood.

ThinkstockPhotos-79325967 (1)

Brazilian cherry wood is unique and beautiful.


Birchwood is domestically grown. It does vary in color based on the type of wood and the type of birch chosen. Yellow birch’s sapwood is a creamy yellow or pale white color while the heartwood is light reddish brown with a slight reddish tinge. Sweet birch’s sapwood is light colored while the heartwood is dark brown with a red tinge. The grain of this wood has medium figuring, straight and closed grain with an even texture. It is occasionally curly or wavy in some boards.

Bubinga Wood

Bubinga wood is imported from Africa and is a special order. This wood comes in a pink, red, or reddish-brown color with purple streaks or veins in it. Bubinga wood appears pinkish rose when freshly milled and ages to burgundy red when aged. With fine, straight, or interlocking grains, this wood is highly figured.

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian walnut is an imported wood from South America and is readily available. This wood can vary from light yellowish tan with green overtones to an almost blackish brown. This wood exhibits a large range of colors when it is freshly milled. This wood darkens over time to medium brown to dark brown. The grain in this wood is fine to medium with straight to very irregular shapes.

Brazilian Maple

Like Brazilian walnut, Brazilian maple is imported. This wood comes in a pale cream to yellowish cream coloring. Unlike other woods, this

Bubinga wood species

Bubinga wood is perfect to accent your light and dark furnishings.

wood does not show contrast between heartwood or sapwood. The grain is straight, fine, and uniformed throughout the wood.

Brazilian Cherry

This Brazilian wood is also imported. Sapwood is gray-white in color while the heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown when freshly cut. Heartwood dulls to a russet or reddish brown when seasoned and often shows dark streaks. The grain of this wood is mostly interlocking and the texture is medium to coarse.

There are many different kinds of wood available for your home’s hardwood flooring. These are just some of the options you can choose from for your hardwood flooring. So what species of wood will you choose from?

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