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When Should You Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood floor refinishing

If your floors have lost their luster, then it could be time for a hardwood floor refinishing.

When it comes to knowing when exactly you need to refinish your hardwood floors, you may find yourself at a loss. While it is true that hardwood floors do get better with age, after a certain point they go from finely aged to losing their luster. If you think it might be time to refinish your hardwood floors, but are unsure, take a look at these hardwood care tips.

Refinishing Is Not The First Thing You Should Consider

Refinishing is actually a drastic remedy for your hardwood floors and doing it unnecessarily can actually do more harm than good, such as sanding away beautiful grain patterns and undoing years of development. Take a good look at your hardwood floors. If all you see is a slightly faded finish and light surface scratches from wear, you may be able to utilize screening instead of refinishing it entirely. There are also affordable products which can clean and fill scratches to bring life back into your hardwood floors.   

What To Do In The Case of Major Repairs

If your floor only requires a few new boards or shows minor signs of wear, then it is an ideal candidate for a solid refinish. If your floor is, however, majorly damaged and has warped, split, or sagging boards throughout, you may require total replacement. If when you look at your hardwood floors, you are not entirely sure, it is best to get the opinion of a professional before you can make a potentially expensive mistake.    

DIY Vs Calling A Professional  

While calling a professional can seem expensive, this is a large job to take on which involves heavy lifting and numerous foul smelling chemicals. If your hardwood floor does need a refinish, this is a big job which requires definite expertise and patience. Different types of wood flooring also require different types of maintenance. For example, laminate flooring may look like wood, but is actually a synthetic product which will be ruined if you attempt to refinish it. Hardwood floors made of Maple are also particularly difficult to restore and require an expert hand.


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