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Why Go With Oak for Your Hardwood Floor?

Oak Flooring

Oak flooring is highly valued because it is very durable and has a classic look.

Homeowners know that hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful and durable additions they can make to their homes. Many choose it because they know it will add a natural, classic touch to their homes and they are durable enough to last for years. Of course, there are countless options for the material and construction of your hardwood floor and it may be a little overwhelming to make a decision. If you’re looking for an incredibly durable material for your hardwood floor, oak may be just the material for you.

Benefits of Oak Flooring

Oak is a beautiful wood that adds a sense of warmth to any space, big or small. It is available in solid and engineered forms and there are many different species out there so you can achieve a custom look. Oak is one of the hardest woods available for flooring, ranking high on the Janka Hardness Scale. There are two basic kinds of oak wood available – red and white.

Red Oak

Red oak is the style that comes to mind when most people think of oak flooring. It is usually light gold to pink in color with some reddish tones mixed in. It is also well-known for its wide grain pattern and can lend a rustic quality to a room. It is a great option for historical as well as contemporary homes.

White Oak

White oak is a little harder than red, making it a little more resistant to daily wear. It is a striking choice for a floor that is known for its warm, golden tones. White oak tends to have a finer grain than red oak. Contractors also note that it stains more evenly than red oak owing to its higher hardness rating. This makes white a great option for homeowners looking to combine the classic beauty of oak wood with a touch of customization.

Hardwood Flooring with John K Eareckson & Co.

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