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Hardwood Floors in Dark or Light: Which is a Better Fit?

Here are some differences between the light and dark hardwood floors for those who might need a little extra help with their decision-making process.

The color of hardwood floors can completely change the ambiance of a room. Make sure to know the difference between light and dark hardwood floors.

Let’s face it: there is a huge difference between light hardwood floors and dark hardwood floors. Both have the same benefits of being hardwoods; they are hypo-allergenic, durable, and strong. However, they are completely different in terms of color. In addition, there are some other differences an inexperienced buyer wouldn’t know about. Here are the main differences between the hardwood floors for those who might need a little extra help with their decision-making process. 

Dark Hardwood Floors

Flooring like mahogany, ebony, or cherry is considered dark hardwoods. As in their name, they are usually deeper in color. But did you know that dark hardwood floors are much better at absorbing heat and sunlight? Not only does this keep the floors warmer when exposed to natural light, but their darker color also prevents sun damage. This means that dark hardwoods do not fade in color as quickly as their lighter counterparts. Some say that a negative of dark hardwood floors is that dirt becomes harder to detect. But regularly caring for and cleaning your floor should eliminate that problem. One other downfall of dark hardwoods is that they are harder to stain than light hardwoods in case you would like to change to a different color. 

Light Hardwood Floors

Flooring like pinewood, maple, and white oak are just a few of the types that make up the family of light hardwoods. Light hardwoods are much less dramatic than dark hardwoods and work with almost any color. If you are more into interior design and less into the floor, then light hardwoods might be the way to go. Light hardwood floors also reflect light, especially when coated with a sheen, which can literally brighten up a room. One great advantage is that lighter colored hardwoods can actually make a room look larger. On the downside, usually, light hardwoods require more frequent maintenance than dark hardwoods. Due to the characteristics of the wood, they are made of and the color, they often are more prone to scratches and dents. 

Regardless of your decision regarding color, you can’t go wrong with hardwood floors in your home. 

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