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How Can You Make Your Wood Flooring Stand Out?

How Can You Make Your Wood Flooring Stand Out?

Now that you’re ready for some new wood flooring in your home, what do you do with it?

Now that you’re ready for some new wood flooring in your home, what do you do with it? You’re worried about making sure that it doesn’t look the same as the ones in your neighbor’s house. So the real question is, how can you make your wood flooring stand out from all the others? Join us as we find out together.

Try a Different Angle

Most of the time, you’d think that the wood flooring in your home should line up with your walls. But think about the room that the flooring is supposed to be in; should you do something different? Try a 45-degree angle instead of a natural 90-degree angle. By doing this, you can widen the room and emphasize the corners, too. So if you don’t want your floors to be the only focal point of the room, then try this technique first. If that’s not enough decoration for you, you can also try your hand at bringing in different and unexpected designs no one else in your neighborhood has tried yet.

Use Different Designs

Another way to add texture to your wood flooring is to use different designs. One way to make your floors different is to use a chevron design, also known as a V-shape. Not only will this create a mesmerizing three-dimensional effect, but also help make the room you’re standing in feel much larger than it would otherwise. Plus, you can help make your wood flooring last longer this way. Don’t forget how well that hardwood flooring and wood flooring, in general, can match up with other types of flooring materials, too.

Blend with Tile

There are also other options you can attempt to incorporate into your home. For instance, why not try to blend your hardwood floors with some tile? That way you can ease the transition in and out of a kitchen or bathroom. The tiles you use can be square or rectangular; both will produce surprising results. It can also be a spectacular way to infuse your home with a level of elegance that you might not be able to accomplish with hardwood flooring by itself.

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