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Carpet Diem: Why You Should Swap Carpeting for Hardwood Floors

Carpet Diem: Why You Should Swap Carpeting for Hardwood Floors

What should you do when you want hardwood floors again?

Let’s say that you used to live in an apartment where the floors were all tile or hardwood. These hardwood floors were easy to clean, even though people kept tracking mud and road salt inside because they wouldn’t take their shoes off. Or you pet would always flip over their water bowl while trying to move it, and this moisture damaged your hardwood even more. So then, you briefly considered moving somewhere else. Now let’s imagine you have moved, and there’s carpeting everywhere except the bathrooms and the kitchen. What should you do when  you want hardwood floors again?

Carpets Get Dirty

No matter what color your carpets are, they will show stains. Even if you are adamant about everyone taking their shoes off when they come inside, they might not always respect your house rules. Plus, when you have many pets, they can contribute to making your carpets dirty even if they don’t mean to; these are all excellent reasons to consider switching back to hardwood floors. And then, you have your kids, who will probably still juice as they run around the house. These stains are easy to remove but are another source of headaches for you.

They Wear Down

Another reason to switch from carpets to hardwood floors in your new home is that all carpeting will eventually wear down. They might look pristine when you first move in, but even after a month of living there, it will start to look worse for wear. This situation is even more likely if you are messy or if your family members and roommates aren’t interested in cleaning up after themselves every once in awhile. A messy house can exacerbate the presence of allergens in your home.

They Trap Allergens

Spring is here, and chances are, allergies are getting the best of you. One reason for this could be that your carpets are trapping allergens and you wouldn’t even know it. Whether it is dust, mold, or even pollen, all of these pests can get stuck on your carpeted floors. So if allergy medicine isn’t enough to help you feel better, maybe it’s time you got a beautiful new hardwood floor instead.

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