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Can Hardwood Floors Improve My Home’s Air Quality?

Hardwood flooring is now a staple on a majority of homeowners’ must-haves when purchasing a home. This is not only because they’re easy to maintain and look nice, but also because hardwood flooring can improve a home’s air quality.

Hardwood-Floors-Air-Quality Reduced Allergens

The alternative to hardwood flooring is most commonly carpet, which can trap in allergens like dust and pollen or worse – moisture. Dust mites and other common allergens are trapped and hidden inside of a carpet, as opposed to on hardwood flooring where dust rests on the surface and can be easily seen and cleaned. Particles of dust and other allergens floating in your home’s air can not only irritate family members and visitor’s allergies, but also worsen the air quality in the home.

 No More Trapped Moisture

Moisture and subsequently mold is the number one worry with carpet. In moist areas carpet can be the perfect environment for mold growth, which over time can weaken your immune system and bother pre-existing allergies to its wits end. This is why it is especially important to replace carpet after major flooding to stop mold growth in its tracks. Mold in the air can significantly worsen air quality and quality of life.

With small spills hardwood floors are easy to clean up, which helps prevent the seepage of moisture. Spills on carpet are much harder to clean and thus have the potential to trap in more moisture and create the perfect environment for mold to grow. With more significant moisture neither carpet or hardwood flooring is the best answer, but for normal wear and tear hardwood flooring is easier to clean up moisture and thus better at prevent mold and improving air quality.

 Breathe Better

Animal dander, dust mites, insects, mold, pollen, and the list goes on. So many allergens can be trapped inside of carpet. These things won’t go away by removing carpet, but they will become more visible and easier to remove. By removing carpet and switching to hardwood floors, air quality improves and helps especially those with allergies and asthma breathe again. Even with the cleanest of carpets or professional steam cleaning, there will still be more allergens present than the average hardwood flooring.

Home is about comfort. Without good air quality, comfort is virtually impossible. Treat yourself to a home where you can breathe deeply again with those trapped allergens and moisture looming in your carpet.

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