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4 Types of Floor Protection for Your Hardwood

4 Types of Floor Protection for Your Hardwood

Consider the different types of floor protection you can use for your hardwood.

Moving furniture around can be risky on your hardwood floors. Not only can you slip and fall if it is wet, but you might leave scratches, gouges, and other dings on your floor. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, consider the different types of floor protection you can use for your hardwood.

Felt Pads

Felt pad protectors will do wonders for your hardwood. Some will stick to themselves, and others you have to tap on. But no matter which felt pad you get, they will let you slide the legs of furniture across hardwood floors without leaving any signs of damage. The tap-on felt pads are best used for items that you will be moving around more frequently, such as the dinner table or the chairs around it. However, the type of felt pads that you can stick on is best used for pieces of furniture that don’t move as often, such as coffee tables or hutches.

Floor Mats

Another good idea is to use floor mats. Considering the wet and cold conditions outside, you may have put down a plastic or rubber mat by your front door. Besides the welcome mat as a place for your guests and family members to wipe their feet, they can leave their shoes on these mats until they decide to leave again. Even if you have a mudroom between the entry door and the rest of the house, it’s still a good idea to have floor mats to help cut down on the dirt and grime that enter your home.


The cup floor protectors are typically made of plastic, although sometimes you can find rubber ones. They’re much better for items that are extremely heavy, like bookcases. That and any other heavy furniture will benefit from these protectors. That’s because they provide great weight distribution, so one side isn’t heavier than the other.


Sometimes, you will only need to use furniture gliders made of cloth. These will help your hardwood last much longer without any signs of damage. At least, this damage won’t be caused by your furniture.

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