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4 Misconceptions About Cleaning Hardwood Floors

4 Misconceptions About Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Keeping your hardwood floors beautiful means you will need to clean them.

Keeping your hardwood floors beautiful means you will need to clean them. But when it’s time to clean them, you also need to steer clear of making a mistake. These mistakes might not seem like much, but they can leave lasting damage on your floors. Here are some misconceptions that you shouldn’t believe.

All You Need is Water and a Mop

One way to keep your hardwood floors safe is to avoid water damage. If that’s the case, then Using a mop and some water won’t do the trick. Wood will soak in any water you leave on it. This is especially problematic if you haven’t resealed your hardwood floors lately. When hardwood gets wet, it starts to behave oddly. If you don’t address these problems, they can get worse since warped floors need to be replaced. Mopping by itself won’t do enough to get rid of any dirt you see, and it’ll ruin the shine of your hardwood.

Vinegar and Water

Vinegar can be used to clean your hardwood floors. However, you need to be careful about how much you use. The acid can eat away at the finish on your floors, for one thing. Also, when you use neutral soap or a cleaning solution formulated specifically for your type of hardwood floor, that will work better.  


As with vinegar, you’ll want to be careful when you use ammonia. Ammonia is a great choice for many other household cleaning tasks. The problem is, chemically speaking, it’s close to bleach. Since it is highly basic, it can do just as much damage to the finish on your hardwood floors as acidic vinegar can.


Steam is great for a lot of things – unwinding after a tough day, getting stubborn wrinkles out of your clothes, and telling if your tea is still hot enough to drink. But you shouldn’t use steam to clean your hardwood floors. Water, wood, and heat do not mix well. Steam will eventually make your floors discolored. Plus, they’ll crack more quickly, and you don’t want this to happen. After all, it can make your warranty void when you need it the most.

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