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You Need to Have Durable Wood Floors

You Need to Have Durable Wood Floors

One way to do that is to switch out the floors you had and replace them with wood floors.

The start of a new year is always a time of endless possibilities. You strive to improve yourself and find ways to make your home more comfortable. One way to do that is to switch out the floors you had and replace them with wood floors. But once you have wood floors installed, you’re going to need assurances that they’ll stand the test of time and all that foot traffic.

Wood Density

The density of the wood you choose for your floors is most important. How dense the wood in your wood floors is will determine how hard it is. The harder the wood, the more durable it is. You can tell how hard a certain type of wood is by doing some researching and learning about its score on the Janka scale. The Janka rating is tested by pressing a tiny steel ball into the wood until half of the ball’s diameter has entered the wood. Ultimately, the species of wood that you decide to use comes down to where you want to install the floor.

Floor Location

You have many flooring options for your home. As you walk through your home, take note of the different materials you see – carpet in the basement, or tile in the bathroom, for instance. You could have hardwood in the front hall and your home office. If you are going to have hardwood floors in an area of your home with high foot traffic – where your kids and pets run and play, for instance, then you’ll want to have harder floors. Some rooms don’t get much attention, so if you’d like to keep your floors pristine, those may be the best places to put in the floors, especially if you use rugs and runners to soften the floors and help make the room more comfortable.

The Finish

If your goal is to restore wood floors that have fallen on hard times, then you are in luck. Although hardness correlates to durability, one way to make your floors last longer is to refinish them. You’ll also need to be mindful of the way the wood was cut and arranged into planks and boards. Both of these design factors will affect your floors, but fortunately, you do have some control over them.

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