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What to Think About Before Installing New Hardwood Flooring

What to Think About Before Installing New Hardwood Flooring

Even the most beautiful hardwood flooring might not suit your home depending on where you want to lay it down.

One of the most exciting parts of remodeling or renovating your home is choosing a different floor. Each floor can have a different type of floor, and even different rooms can. For instance, while a hardwood floor would look good in your dining room or as a way to make a private study look more sophisticated, you probably wouldn’t want to have it in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or basement. 

How Do You Live?

Before you begin, a word of advice: know yourself. Most homeowners often judge themselves for other habits, but this criticism doesn’t necessarily extend to their lifestyle. In other words, how do you live? What are some of your habits? White oak and Australian Cypress are harder woods that can withstand plenty of punishment and high levels of foot traffic. 

What Aesthetic Do You Want?

The next question you need to ask yourself involves the aesthetic that you aim to cultivate. Seeing how the floors look in the store or on the Internet isn’t always a reflection of reality. The critical part here is to manage your expectations. Even the most beautiful hardwood flooring might not suit your home depending on where you want to lay it down. 

What’s the Lighting Situation?

Then you must consider how the light will play on the wood. Take a moment to think about the lighting in each room, both artificial and natural. This consideration heavily relies on the rest of the furnishings you want to use throughout your home. Although you might doubt it, it can make a huge difference when you wish to run a business out of your home, and you can’t impress your potential customers because they are blinded by the interiors being too bright for comfort. 

Can You Provide Maintenance?

Finally, you will have to think about how often you can maintain the wood floors that you want. If you can’t find the time or energy, then it’s a better idea to let hardwood flooring installation pros cover it for you. Coating the floors will help protect them against unsightly dents and scratches, something that a reputable dealer will inform you of; however, this coating will eventually wear off and will need another application. Cleaning, sweeping, and vacuuming is something most homeowners can tackle, too. Even so, don’t feel bad if you are unable to meet this task.

Ready for a Beautiful Hardwood Floor? Trust John K Eareckson & Co.

When you work with John K Eareckson & Co., Flooring, we will ensure your hardwood floors undergo a stress-free acclimation process and that they sparkle for years to come; from a seamless and beautiful installation to years of maintenance, John K Eareckson & Co. Flooring has the expertise to care for your home’s hardwood floors. For a consultation and more information, visit us online or give us a call at 410-788-4200. You can also look for us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.


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