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How to Use Fireplaces Near Hardwood Flooring

How to Use Fireplaces Near Hardwood Flooring

Fire safety is always a concern, so how can you manage to use a fireplace and not damage your hardwood floors?

We have previously discussed the merits of using hardwood flooring in tandem with a source of radiant heating. Well, fireplaces are just another source of said heating. With fall almost over and winter nearly here, starting up the fireplace is becoming more inviting by the day. But how can you be responsible? Fire safety is always a concern, so how can you manage to use a fireplace and not damage your hardwood floors?

Extend Your Hearth

Our first suggestion involves making your hearth longer. You can find and buy products known as hearth extensions. Think of them as bookends, but meant for the area around your fireplace. These items will help ensure that your hardwood floors don’t suffer any damage from sparks or embers. Brick is a common material for these hearth extenders, but you can also find ones made of slate or stone.

Cover Up the Fireplace

Another option you could consider trying is to keep the fireplace covered. What does this mean? You can add a cover to a fireplace while it is lit. It will depend on the size of your hearth, but a fireplace cover can be immensely useful. Be sure that the grilles or grates on the cover will allow smoke to vent out, but won’t let sparks or embers escape.

Don’t Overdo It

As tempting as it may be, coaxing a roaring fire to life every night will wear out your fireplace and can cause serious damage to the hardwood flooring in the room around it. After a while, even the metal around the fireplace will burn, so don’t keep the fire going for too long. If you’re thinking about using a wood stove to cook up some holiday treats this fall and winter, be careful not to force feed your fire, which can cause it grow out of control.

Wood is Best

Whenever you prepare your fireplace, you should only burn wood in it. While this may sound odd, if you add paper scraps or leaves or other materials, you risk enlarging the fire. Also, we don’t recommend using any flammable liquids in or around the fireplace, either. It should be common sense, but oil, grease, and other substances will only make a fire more dangerous. Don’t put yourself, or your beautiful hardwood flooring, at risk.  

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