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How to Remove Marker Stains from Hardwood Floors

We want our permanent markers to be permanent- except when they accidentally get on the floor! A permanent marker stain can mar the otherwise flawless appearance of your hardwood floors. Even if your durable hardwood floors are years away from needing refinishing, you still want to remove the unsightly stain and restore your floors to their original glory. Luckily, there are some cleaning methods to remove marker stains from hardwood floors, and JKE Hardwood Flooring is here to tell you what they are.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol has been known to work for a variety of purposes, but did you know it could remove marker stains from your hardwood floors? Use a paper towel with a small amount of rubbing alcohol (use more if necessary) and scrub at the stain. It may take a while, and some effort, but eventually the stain should come out. Because of its similar makeup, nail polish remover can have the same affect, though you may find it does dull the surface of the wood a little bit.

Dry Erase Marker

You know the old saying, you have to fight fire with fire? Well the basic principle applies here: If you use a dry erase marker and mark on top of the permanent marker stain and then wipe with a paper towel, it should remove some if not all of the marker stain.


With its abrasive properties, toothpaste acts as a milder version of sandpaper and can work to remove the stain. Use a cleaning brush, or even an unused toothbrush, to work the toothpaste into the stain.

Of course, if nothing else works, your other option is to replace the stained piece of wood. Expert flooring installers from JKE Hardwood Flooring can help you to match the wood board so that it does not clash in color or style with the rest of your floor, and you’re guaranteed to have that marker stain gone for good.

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 Removing Marker from Hardwood Floors

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