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Is It Possible to Put a Hardwood Floor in a Garage?

Is It Possible to Put a Hardwood Floor in a Garage?

Among your home remodeling projects this spring, you might be looking to give your garage a facelift. Let’s find out if you can install or store a hardwood floor in your garage.

Among your home remodeling projects this spring, you might be looking to give your garage a facelift. One way to this you might be considering is to install hardwood floors. Even so, you might be looking to save your old hardwood before putting down new layers. Does this mean that you can keep the surplus hardwood flooring in the garage you have now? Join us as we discover if this is possible.


Although there are still cold snaps in spring, spring typically heralds warmer weather; either way, no matter what the forecast calls for, you need to keep temperatures in mind if you’re going to store your old hardwood floor in the garage. Different moisture levels will affect the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the wood in question.

If there’s too much warping, you might not be able to use the new hardwood at all. If you were planning to hang onto extra materials in case something went wrong during the installation process, then this situation is about the worst thing that could happen. Make sure there’s enough ventilation so that the ambient temperature of your garage holds steady in the range of 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit.  

What’s the Foundation?

Next, consider what foundation you have. The top layer is as important as the subfloor when it comes to laying down hardwood floor. Your garage could be below ground, at ground level, or even above ground level. If you have a below ground garage, it’s much better if you don’t store your hardwood flooring in there. The reason for this is that there’s too much moisture down there, and as we’ve already seen, moisture can ruin your beautiful hardwood.

How Are You Storing It?

We have found that it is possible to store your hardwood floor in a garage space. The last question to answer now is how you intend to store it. If you put it up against a wall and leave it like that, you’ll find some unwanted side effects – warping and curving. The longer you leave it alone, the more likely your hardwood is to split or crack open. Instead, put it on the floor and not against the walls. Anything that gets wet should be dried before any attempt at installation.

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