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How to Pair Your Current Hardwood Floors with New Ones

How to Pair Your Current Hardwood Floors with New Ones

Have you decided to patch up some of your hardwood floors?

Have you decided to patch up some of your hardwood floors? It’s entirely possible that only one section is damaged due to moisture exposure or other substances, such as cat litter. While the holiday season doesn’t seem like a good time to make a noticeable change in your flooring situation, there’s always a chance to get inspired in time for the start of 2018 and have some new hardwood floors to greet the new calendar year.

Choose a Different Color

A different color of hardwood might also be an option. The contrast in colors can be surprisingly attractive. Sometimes, the flooring will differ slightly between one room and the next, or the hallway connecting them. So, if you want to ensure that this contrast stands out better throughout your home, you should pick a different shade.

Choose a Similar Color

However, just because slightly different colors are pleasing to the eye, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose a similar color for the new hardwood floors. By maintaining the original wood flooring, you can increase your home’s overall value. That said, upkeep is also important. After all, you might need to replace the type of flooring in a particular room. For instance, you might need to switch from carpet to hardwood. However, when you do choose a similar color, you’ll need to determine several things first: the species of wood, how wide and long it is, the thickness of the cut, and what finish was used on it.

Refinishing the Floors

Depending on how old your current hardwood floors are, it might be a good idea to attempt refinishing them. If it just so happens your current floors could need a pick me up, then a refinish is going to be the answer. Even so, you must remember that old hardwood behaves differently than newer hardwood. The weaving technique can make this less noticeable. But if you’ve never tried refinishing your floors before, then you should call a professional to help you.

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