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How to Make Your Hardwood Flooring a Different Color

How to Make Your Hardwood Flooring a Different Color

You might think that changing the color of your hardwood flooring means you need to replace all of it.

You might think that changing the color of your hardwood flooring means you need to replace all of it. But even if you’re trying to give your home a new look and feel in 2019, you don’t need to go that drastic yet. There are other ways to do it. Here are some tips for accomplishing this goal.

Taking the Finish Off

No matter what you want to do to modify your hardwood flooring, you’ll need to take the finish off. The finish helps protect the flooring from moisture damage and other effects that can ruin your floors. Because of the staining and coloring that was already applied before your floors were installed, you might not know what they’re supposed to look like. You need to remove the staining on the surface, or else the new color won’t stick. If you have any textured hardwoods in your home, then this process might not even work.

Making It Lighter

One way to change the color of your hardwood floors is to make it lighter. You can do this with whitewash or bleach. Just be careful if you or anyone else in your family is sickened by the smell of bleach, as it can be quite odorous. You’ll need to be extremely careful, because bleaching wood is much more difficult than, say, bleaching someone else’s hair. But if you do it right, it can pay off by making the room appear much bigger and wider than it truly is.

Making It Darker

Alternatively, you could choose to make your hardwood floors darker. For this to work, you will need to choose a darker stain than the one you already have. Before you can do anything, you need to remove the existing stain that is on there right now. After that, polishing and sealing the floor should be a snap. When your floors are darker, you can lend the room you’re in the sense of elegance, along with making it warmer and cozier, perfect for those chilly winter nights.

Changing the Color

One last idea is to change the color of the wood to something else entirely. By introducing a reddish tint, you can give your wood the cherry wood. While this is the most common option, you do have other choices. You can even infuse the wood with some grey tint or ashiness to help make it more neutral.

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