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Hardwood Flooring Species: P

Purpleheart Hardwood flooring species

Purpleheart wood is a beautiful and unique option for your home’s flooring.

When it comes time to choose your hardwood flooring, there are quite a few different species for you to choose from. From the light ash white to mesquite, there is plenty of hardwood flooring species for you to choose from. Let’s continue our look at hardwood flooring species with P.

Pine Antique Heart

Pine antique heart is a beautiful domestic wood. The heartwood of this species is yellow after cutting but turns a deep pinkish tan or warm reddish brown within weeks due to high resin content. Sapwood remains yellow and may come with a blue-black sap stain. The grain is dense with high figuring and is swirled when plainsawn and pinstriped when quartersawn. The grain is rarely ever curly or burled. Much of this wood is actually recovered from pre-1900 warehouses or factories so it does have limited availabilities.

Pine Southern Yellow

Pine southern yellow is an easily available domestic wood. The heartwood varies from light yellow to orange to reddish brown while the sapwood is light tan to yellowish white in color. This wood has closed grain with high figuring and patterns that range from clear to knotty.


Padauk is an important African wood that is moderately available. The heartwood is vivid reddish orange while freshly cut but darkens to reddish- or purplish-brown or even black over time. Sapwood is cream-colored. Unlike other woods, the color is usually uniformed throughout with a straight to interlocking grain with a coarse texture.


Purpleheart wood is important from Central and South America and is found from Mexico down to southern Brazil. The heartwood of this wood is brown when it is freshly cut but turns a deep purple to purplish brown over time and the sapwood is a lighter cream color. The grain of this wood is usually straight and medium to fine textured. There are some minerals present in some boards that could cause uneven coloration. Because of its beautiful coloring, this wood is only available in limited quantities.

Each of these woods is beautiful and would look stunning in your home. Which wood would you choose for your home? For more information on choosing your hardwood flooring, call us today!

Hardwood Flooring Species with John K Eareckson & Co.

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