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Hardwood Flooring Species: J Through M

Hardwood flooring species

Jarrah wood would be perfect for your home’s hardwood flooring!

From ash to white oak, there are plenty of hardwood options for you to choose from to put in your home. Each wood has a different origin, grain, and coloring that makes the options nearly unlimited. Let’s continue our stroll through the hardwood flooring species by looking at J through M.


Jarrah wood is an imported wood with origins in Australia. It is moderately available however ordering ahead is always smart. The jarrah heartwood is a uniformly pinkish to dark red hue. It is often compared to mahogany in its coloring and it turns a deep brownish red with age and exposure. The sapwood is pale with black streaks and the occasional ingrown grain. The color variations are moderate to high depending on the species of wood and where it was grown. The grain of this wood is frequently interlocked and wavy. Its texture is even and moderately coarse.


Mahogany is one of the most widely available and used woods. This wood is imported from South America but is readily available. It is loved for its dark reddish brown coloring with striped figuring grain in the quartersawn style sections. The texture of this species is very fine and even.

Maple Sugar Hard

Maple sugar hard wood is imported from southeast Asia and is readily available. The heartwood of maple sugar is a creamy white to light reddish brown color while the sap wood is pale to creamy white. This species of wood has a closed, subdued grain with medium figuring and uniformed texture. Occasionally it shows quilted, fiddleback, curvy, or bird’s-eyed figuring.


Merbeau wood is yellowish to orange-brown in color when it is freshly cut but turns brown or dark red-brown when exposed. The grains are straight or interlocked and wavy with a coarse texture. This species of wood is actually imported from southeast Asia and is extremely durable. It is moderately available so orders are suggested.


Mesquite wood is a domestic wood from North America. This species ranges from a light brown to dark reddish brown. This wood is high in character with ingrown bark and mineral streaks. Mesquite wood is commonly used in flooring as an end-grain block because it has small irregular racks radiating across the grain. The grain of this wood is moderate in color and is one grade.

These woods would make a lovely addition to your home. There are many different wood species for you to choose from so which will you choose?

Hardwood Species with John K Eareckson & Co.

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