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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Woodstock, Maryland

Shiny Hardwood Floors Are in Your Home’s Future!

Woodstock is a small community nestled in Baltimore County, Maryland, and is regarded as charming and lovely areas to move to in the state. Many of the neighborhood in Woodstock are filled with large, unique homes that have tons of features that are both new and old. Instead of gutting these amazing design elements, we suggest restoring them to their original beauty! At John K. Eareckson & Co, our team of flooring experts can breathe new life into your home with excellent hardwood floor refinishing services!

Why Refinish?

Hardwood floor refinishing is a great way to use the amazing flooring your home already has… and give it a makeover so its looks brand new! This is a budget-friendly alternative to putting in new flooring. Not only is it good for your budget, but it helps reduce waste as well. Your floors will look brand new all with less hassle, wasted flooring, and time. Depending how many rooms you need done, installing new flooring can take up a lot of time. With hardwood floor refinishing services, your home won’t be turned into a construction zone. It is a safe, easy way to restore the shine of your old floors!

Our Flooring Services:

Finishing: We always achieve the richest floor color that you choose by using only the highest quality stains available. The oil or water-based polyurethane treatments we use will provide years of protection for your floor!

Sanding: Whether you hardwood flooring is new or old, your floor is in good hands when it comes to sanding.

  • Our sanding technicians have years of experience and know-how.
  • We use the latest techniques with the highest-tech machinery to make your floor extra smooth!

Custom Work: Create your own design or choose one from our catalog!

Repairs: Damage to your existing floors? Whether it is from an accident or water damage, we will fix them up and have them looking good as new!

Refinishing: We have several options for refinishing your existing hardwood floors!

  • For regular maintenance, we can screen your floors and apply a top coat of polyurethane to keep them looking new.
  • If your floors are in particularly poor condition, we will sand them down and apply several layers of polyurethane to restore them to their original beauty!

Contact John K. Eareckson & Co for the Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services Offered in Woodstock!

If your hardwood floors are a frustrating eyesore in your home, we can help! No matter what has caused the damage – whether it was general wear and tear, and accident, spill, or water damage, our team of hardwood floor refinishing professionals can breathe new life into your beautiful floor with our hardwood floor refinishing services! Contact us online or at 410-788-4200 to check out our expert hardwood floor refinishing and get started today!

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