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Hardwood Floor Installation Services in Simpsonville

Are you a Simpsonville resident looking to brighten up your home with a new design element? Consider hardwood floor installation. There’s just no better way to revitalize a home and add some timeless charm to its design, which is why hardwood floors are so common and sought after in homes around the world.

There are a lot of flooring options on the market. With all of those options out there, you may be left wondering why hardwood floors can edge out the competition. We know that hardwood flooring is a resilient material that can last you for years when a professional steps in to do the installation job for you. Speaking of which, the team here at John K. Eareckson & Co are the top choice for hardwood floor installation in Simpsonville. We can take care of commercial and residential jobs regardless of scale so be sure to reach out if you have a hardwood floor installation job that needs to be done.

The Expert Installation Team Behind It All

If you’re looking for a premier installer and refinisher of hardwood floors in Simpsonville or the surrounding areas, you should look to John K. Eareckson & Co. While hardwood floors have always been popular, few have as much experience as we do—nearly a century of installation under our belts.

We’ve worked since 1917 to provide our customers with the right kind of flooring for their home that works within their budgets. Being confident about the state of your floors is important and we want you to have the home of your dreams.

The Installation Methods We Use

Depending on the job, we may use one of the following installation methods…

  • Direct Stick – The direct stick method is a popular way to install new hardwood floors. Moisture barriers are applied to the concrete of your floors and then wood is glued and nailed into that concrete.
  • Plank on Ply – There may be variations in the concrete slab surface that prevent us from going the direct stick route. In that case, we apply a layer of plywood sheets down first and then the final floors are attached to the plywood.
  • Plank on Battens – Not many home or business owners opt for this type of Hardwood Floor Installation in Washington D.C, but some people actually prefer a hollow-sounding floor. In this installation, battens will be fixed to the floor and the timber flooring planks will be affixed to them.

Hardwood Floors Are Amazing

What kind of hardwood is right for your home? Well, it depends. Your options range from various oaks, birches, walnut, ash, chestnut, cherry, maple, and so on. That may seem like a lot but there’s good news as well: our experts are here to help you pick the best option for you.

Contact John K. Eareckson & Co for the Best Hardwood Floor Installation Services Across Simpsonville!

Your flooring is essential to the design of your home, and we know that better than anyone! Relying on a professional team for hardwood floor installation is the way to go for such a big job, and we are the go-to experts in the Simpsonville community. Trust us to take your beautiful home to the next level with pristine hardwood floors! Get in touch at 410-788-4200 or contact us online to get started.

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