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Hardwood Floor Installation Services in North Laurel

Altering your North Laurel home may not feel easy. However, with the service of a professional hardwood floor installation team, you can help add a breath of fresh air to your house! It’s as easy as having our team come in, use our decades of experience to determine what needs to be done, working alongside you to figure out a plan that works, and then leaving the rest up to us. We’re able to perform any hardwood floor installation jobs in the North Laurel area and we’re happy to offer more info on the services that we offer.

Thinking About Hardwood?

Getting sick of whatever floors your home is currently equipped with? Hardwood floors are a design element we see in homes across the world. This is because they can match the aesthetic of any home out there and even help promote a healthier lifestyle. Just remember that carpets get dirty, stain, or make your allergies worse. There are other hard floors out there, but none look quite as good as hardwood does. Hardwood is also easy to maintain and it’s a breeze to keep clean!

Don’t think that your options with hardwood are limited, either. There are a number of different kinds of woods you can use, so depending on what option you want to pick, you can consider a number of different styles and designs. No matter what kind of wood you pick, you’ll be certain that your floor will hold up and look beautiful for years to come.

We Use a Process

Our team of experts have the experience to get any job done, no matter the scale or scope. We not only have decades of experience, but we also have all the materials to properly complete a hardwood floor installation job in the North Laurel area. We’re ready to take on whatever job you throw at us due to our master installers and excellent service!

How WE install floors…

  • Direct Stick: Been in a home with hardwood floors before? You’ve likely already seen the direct stick method. Moisture barriers are applied to concrete, then followed by hardwood planks that are glued and nailed into it.
  • Plank on Ply: In the event that the concrete isn’t workable, we’ll put down a layer of plywood sheets first. The hardwood planks are then attached to that plywood directly.
  • Plank on Battens: Battens can sometimes be used, which result in a floor that sounds hollow.

Contact John K. Eareckson & Co for the Best Hardwood Floor Installation Services Across North Laurel!

Your flooring is essential to the design of your home, and we know that better than anyone! Relying on a professional team for hardwood floor installation is the way to go for such a big job, and we are the go-to experts in the North Laurel community. Trust us to take your beautiful home to the next level with pristine hardwood floors! Get in touch at 410-788-4200 or contact us online to get started.

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