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Guide to Hardwood Finishes

Choosing the new flooring finish can change the way people feel in your home. Before making a wrong decision, talk to your John K. Eareckson Hardwood Flooring Representative!

Choosing the new flooring finish can change the way people feel in your home. Before making a wrong decision, talk to your John K. Eareckson & Co. Representative!

After months of debating, you have finally decided to refinish your hardwood flooring. Just when that decision is made, you are faced with another big decision: what finish you would rather have covering your floors? The problem is you don’t have a clue that the options are. Well, never fear! We are here to help! Here is a guide to help you decide which finish to use.


Matte finishes have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners in the past few years. It is the easiest of the finishes to keep clean. Unlike other finishes, Matte flooring show the least amount of wear but it is still possible to see scratches in the wood though this finish. Things like dust, light scratches, and footprints are easily hidden in the finish.


Satin finishes remain the most popular option on the market because it is a mixture of matte and semi-gloss. This finish hides scratches and dust while giving your floors a slightly shiny appearance. It highlights and elevates the appearance of any type of wood flooring.


This is the perfect finish for people who love a little shine for their flooring. Semi-gloss finishes will give your home just the right amount of shine and reflection to brighten up your home. This finish is prone to scratches and wear so do not use it in high-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms. But this finish will elevate the floors in your dining room and brighten up the formal space.


Glossy finishes are a rare choice for homes because of the light it reflects in your space. It is also hard to keep clean and will show dust and footprints. This finish is generally reserved for gyms and event spaces where it is constantly cared for.

To help choose your hardwood flooring finish, think about your home’s floors during all seasons. If the area you are having refinished is in direct sun most of the day, choose something like matte finish to keep the shine lower. If you would like your room brighter, choose semi-gloss or satin finishes for their reflective properties. Also think about how often your family lives in the room and how much dirt your family may bring into the space. This decision could change how your family and friends see and fit into your home. To help with your decision, talk about the options with your Jim Boyd’s Flooring America representative.

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