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The Finish Line: Which Hardwood Floor Finish Is Right for You?

Once you have had your beautiful hardwood floor professionally installed, the next step is to apply to finish. A finish not only enhances the natural look of the wood, but it also provides necessary protection from chipping, cracking, splitting, and denting. So when it comes to an important addition like a hardwood floor finish, what choice out of the dozens available to you should you make? Read on to find out more about the different finish options!

Hardwood Floor FinishesHardwood Floor Varnish and Urethane-Based Finishes

Varnish is among the most durable finishes available. It is also among the most affordable options, however, some homeowners dislike that it is less-than-friendly to the environment. If you are looking for the look and durability of varnish without that negative aspect, consider urethane-based finishes. They have come to replace varnish in the majority of homes with hardwood floors.

Lacquer and Shellac Finishes

Lacquer has an exceptionally high-gloss finish, making it appealing to homeowners looking for a polished hardwood floor. Lacquer dries more quickly than other finish types, which means the application process as a whole will be quite brief. Shellac, another finish type, dries quickly as well, and it is a less expensive alternative to other types of finishes.

Wax Finishes

Perhaps one of the oldest varieties of hardwood floor finish, wax can provide you with the shine and protection you are searching for. While wax finishes can show scratches more easily, it is also easy to reapply or spot-fix those sections of your wood floor.

When it comes to selecting a hardwood floor finish for your floors, you have a lot of options available. Get in touch with your professional hardwood floor installer today to talk about which options are right for you!

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