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The Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide On Your Hardwood Floor

The Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide On Your Hardwood Floor

With hydrogen peroxide, you can lift problematic stains on your hardwood floor without making your kids sick.

Imagine for a moment that your project for this weekend is to get started on spring cleaning. Let’s say that you’ve tried almost everything to get your floors clean. But your hardwood floors are stained with wine, or something worse, and it just won’t come out. If you haven’t tried cleaning with using hydrogen peroxide yet, here is what you should know before you do.

Does It Work?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide does work. You can lift those problematic stains without worrying about the solution making your pets or kids sick from coming into contact with it. When you’re careful, you can manage to avoid lasting damage to your hardwood floor as well. Not only does the peroxide clear away superficial problems like dirt or mud, but it can also kill bacteria hiding in all the mess.  

By applying hydrogen peroxide, you chemically change whatever spilled on the floor. The liquids release their bond with the floorboards, and at the same, especially if it’s a wet spot, they will dry up too. Also, another side effect of exposure to hydrogen peroxide is a bleached look – but you don’t need to think about this unless your home features dark hardwood floors.

What Should You Do?

Before getting started, you will need a bottle of diluted peroxide (about 3%). You will also require a spray bottle, microfiber cloths, and rubber gloves to protect your hands. Fill the container with the hydrogen peroxide and then start spreading it out on your hardwood floor. Give it a few minutes to work its magic, and then use the cloths to wipe up any residue you can see. For stains that refuse to come out, scrub harder.

A Word of Caution

You can also try vinegar. But here we have a word of caution. Don’t use the vinegar at the same time as the hydrogen peroxide. Attempting to do this is dangerous because the mixture creates peracetic acid. This substance will do substantial damage to your floors, and it isn’t something you or anyone else in your home should inhale. And before you do anything with either vinegar or peroxide, test it somewhere out of sight so you can make sure it will work on your floor.

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