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How Are Commercial And Residential Wood Flooring Different?

How Are Commercial And Residential Wood Flooring Different?

Commercial and residential wood flooring may not be as radically different as you might think.

Commercial and residential wood flooring may not be as radically different as you might think. Both of these flooring types share the same vulnerabilities and will degrade under harsh treatment. But because commercial wood floors often see far more foot traffic than residential wood floors, commercial wood flooring will also need far more frequent and extensive maintenance. Read on to find out just how commercial wood flooring differs from its residential cousin.

A Need for Stronger Wood Flooring

Commercial wood flooring should be stronger than the similar type of flooring found in homes and other residential settings. On a daily basis, commercial flooring has to withstand much more pressure and weight than a residential wood floor. Although solid hardwood is a smart choice for homes, businesses might need something else. That something else could come in the form of engineered hardwood. Because engineered hardwood is constructed from multiple layers of wood, it boasts superior stability and durability over a single layer of wood.

Commercial Wood Flooring and Moisture Damage

Did you know that commercial wood flooring is more likely to suffer moisture damage than residential wood flooring? Any spills or humidity changes cannot be addressed as quickly. When left unaddressed, spills and moisture can both cause lasting damage to hardwood floors that isn’t easy to fix. However, engineered wood is more resistant to the effects of moisture than its solid counterpart.

Cleaning Needs

Make sure your commercial wood flooring is as easy to clean as possible. After all, with customers coming in and out in all kinds of weather, your venue will soon be full of mud and other debris, such as falling leaves in the autumn or road salt to melt ice in the winter. Be sure to sweep and dust on a consistent basis while using wet cloths to mop up any stains that should occur.

Maintenance Requirements

If anything else, commercial wood floors will require far more upkeep than residential ones. Once the flooring is installed, you should wait to change or replace it until after it successfully settles. Keep in mind that in different environments, the wood is more or less subject to warping and shifting. Warping, shifting, expanding, and contracting can all lead to any wood floor wearing out.

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