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Choose Your Hardwood Flooring Carefully

Hardwood flooring decisions

Think about these things before choosing a hardwood flooring for your home!

When it comes time to buy new flooring for your home, you tend to stay with the same thing you’d had before. But if you want to spice up your flooring options, maybe it is time to look into some hardwood floors for your home. Look at this guide to see if hardwood flooring is right for you!

Wood Species

Hardwood is just like any other flooring with options galore. You will be able to choose a color, durability of the flooring, as well as grain patterns. Some durable flooring options include hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry. Others prize exotic woods for their striking appearance like Brazilian cherry or Brazilian macchiato pecan.

Board Widths

The width of your boards will do two things: determine the amount of wood you need for your space and can either shorten or lengthen your room. Thin strips can give your home the illusion of more space while thick plants give your home a rustic appeal.

New or Used

Hardwood flooring can last for several decades or even centuries if they are taken care of. One option for your new hardwood flooring is to purchase antique wood to add a rustic, classic look to your modern home. If you prefer new wood, some manufacturers can distress your wood to give it that well-worn appearance. Another option is new hardwood that will give your home a fresh look.


For household with kids and pets, you will need something that is hard and durable in order to keep your floors nice. Choosing a hard species of wood will help withstand wear and tear. A hard species like red oak will stand up to a busy household better than softer species like pine. You will also want to choose a flooring that can withstand refinishing over and over again to remove scratches rather than engineered hardwood which doesn’t hold up to many refinishes.

The look of your hardwood floors will be determined by these factors as well as the finish you choose for them. To learn more about hardwood flooring, speak to a hardwood flooring specialist at JKE Hardwood Flooring today!

John K. Eareckson & Co.: Baltimore Custom Hardwood Flooring

At John K. Eareckson & Co., we pride ourselves on providing the best quality and craftsmanship in the Baltimore-Washington area, from custom hardwood installation and repairs to refinishing. So if you are interested in a new look to your hardwood flooring, pick up the phone and give us a call today!

If you have any questions about New Hardwood Floors, please contact John K. Eareckson & Co. by calling 410-788-4200 or visit today for a free quote regarding any of your hardwood flooring needs.

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