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Choosing Furniture To Go With Your Hardwood Floors

Choosing Furniture To Go With Your Hardwood Floors

If you’re shopping for new furniture to go with those hardwood floors, keep these tips in mind.

Hardwood floors are one of the biggest selling features in a home – everyone wants their unique, timeless beauty. They are such a vital aesthetic element that they can completely change the feel of a room because of the wood grain, tone, or even plank width. Once you have your hardwood floors installed, you need to do your best to preserve and protect them, including protecting them from other elements of your home, like fireplaces, sunlight coming in through the windows, and even your furniture. If you’re shopping for new furniture to go with those hardwood floors, keep these tips in mind.

Lighten Things Up

If you have a dark-toned floor and dark-toned furniture, they’re going to swallow each other into shadow. Even if you embrace a dark aesthetic, this isn’t the look you want. Lighten things up in the middle with a light-toned rug or something with an eye-catching pattern. If you’re shopping for new furniture, choose lighter options that will pop against the dark wood floor, including pieces with light upholstery or metallic accents. 

Mix Up Your Tones

You don’t have to break your back or budget searching for furniture with the same wood tone as your hardwood floors. It is okay to mix it up. Try to limit the tones in a single room to two or three, but feel free to accessorize a light floor with dark furniture and vice versa. 

Knots Get Attention

Some woods, like natural pine, include eye-catching knots that add drama and personality to otherwise plain hardwood floors. Let the floor control the ambiance of the room by foregoing rugs and keeping the furniture simple. The balance of the casual pine with the dark knots provides enough interest that you shouldn’t choose furniture that will try to steal the show. 

Consider Plank Width

Plank width plays a huge role in the floor’s visibility, and that visibility should be a consideration when choosing furnishings for the room. A floor with an interesting pattern, like herringbone or anything inlaid, should not be overshadowed by furniture. Likewise, very wide plank flooring tends to be very visible and can help make a large space feel smaller, an effect you would likely play up with bulky furniture. Narrow planks recede visually and make a small room feel larger – don’t undo that feeling by cramming in large furniture pieces.

Embrace Light Woods

Many people gravitate to the drama of dark hardwoods for flooring, but light woods are a beautiful alternative. They bounce more light, making spaces feel brighter and more open. Pairing light floors with light fabrics, from drapes to upholstery, can turn a cramped space into an open-feeling paradise. 

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