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4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Flooring by Accident

4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Flooring by Accident

Here are some of the ways you might be damaging or ruining your flooring, even if unintentionally.

Your hardwood floors are bound to look good for years and even decades. Keeping them this way requires a lot of dedication, both in terms of time and effort. Here are some of the ways you might be damaging or ruining your flooring, even if unintentionally

Not Cleaning Correctly

You need to clean and maintain your flooring. That’s one of the best ways to ensure that it will last as long as you expect it to; do this, and you won’t be let down! That said, you need to clean your floors correctly. Incorrect cleaning techniques will lead to accidental damage. Don’t use steam, vinegar, bleach, or wax!

Allowing Sunlight Exposure 

You might be thinking, “but how can I stop the sunlight coming in?” Stand next to a window on a hot day and you can feel the heat radiating in from it. Now just think how your hardwood feels when exposed to too much sunlight. The UV radiation can fade or discolor the wood, which is something you don’t want to happen! Luckily, you have some ways to fight this. For example, move your furniture around from time to time; this helps prevent uneven fading

Too Much Moisture

Because of the humidity levels, spring and summer are particularly hard on the flooring in your home. Any moisture that soaks into the floorboards can cause problems such as discoloration, cracking, oxidation, and deformation. As unlikely as it sounds, too much moisture can even lead to mold growth. This scenario is particularly problematic in areas such as basements. 

Using the Wrong Rugs

Rugs, especially area rugs, are a great way to protect your flooring from damage. No matter what type of flooring you have – hardwood or otherwise – you want to be sure that it will last. Unfortunately, this tactic can backfire on you. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be ruining your floors by accident. Don’t choose rubber or vinyl backings. They won’t leave scratches behind, necessarily speaking, but they will present other problems. Namely, they can discolor or dull the shine of your floors when given enough time. 

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