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What Can Harm Your Hardwood Floors?

What Can Harm Your Hardwood Floors?

Let’s say you recently replaced your hardwood floors.

Let’s say you recently replaced your hardwood floors. You’re even more careful to avoid damaging it now. That said, there are still several factors that can affect the integrity of your hardwood flooring. Here is a look at what they are.

Moisture Issues

Wood and water are natural enemies. Any moisture on your hardwood floors can leave lasting damage. That’s why you won’t see hardwood floors all that often in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements – anywhere it’s possible for water damage to collect. Two problems you’ll see caused by water damage include cupping and warping, both of which can ruin your wood floors. As problematic as moisture is, you’d be surprised how troublesome hardwood floors being too dry can cause as well.

It’s Too Dry

Yes, it’s possible for your hardwood floors to be too dry. While you might think this is better than the floors being affected by moisture, excessive dryness can harm your hardwood too. Dried hardwood will shrink, and once it expands, it’ll leave gapping. The gaps in your hardwood floors will not only present tripping hazards, but they can also be hiding places for insects, rodents, and mold to flourish.

Being Walked On

People and pets walking on your hardwood floors can also harm them. The pressure left behind by the weight of everyone in your home might not be a problem at first, but over time, your hardwood will start to degrade. That’s because the planks will buckle, and since different parts of your floors might be more heavily traveled than others, you’ll have to keep a close watch on the condition of the floorboards.


The reason that gaps in your hardwood floors are so worrying is that it allows insects to infest your home. As noted above, termites can hide in the gaps.

The termites will start to eat all of the wood inside your home they can find, ruining your beautiful floors as easily as they can destroy your deck or wood fence. Any insect problems can make cupping problems even worse. Every time the season changes, you should call an exterminator to inspect your home. With fall about to start, your home will be warm and cozy. Don’t let any unwanted guests take advantage of your hospitality.

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