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Tips for Blending Hardwood with Bamboo Flooring

Tips for Blending Hardwood with Bamboo Flooring

Let’s discuss some tips for blending pre-existing hardwood with brand new bamboo flooring.

Although most Baltimore homeowners might assume that bamboo flooring is a type of hardwood, that isn’t always the case. People prize them for their beauty and longevity, and bamboo is also gaining popularity because it adds a classy touch to your home. Let’s discuss some tips for blending pre-existing hardwood with brand new bamboo flooring.

Ensure Identical Plank Lengths

The first part of blending hardwood and bamboo flooring involves planks of wood. You must ensure that the boards you are using are the same length. If they aren’t, and every piece of flooring material is a wildly different size, your floor will look like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle or mosaic instead of a single cohesive floor. Wider plank lengths are a popular option mainly because of the strange effect it has on a given room – it feels bigger on the inside.

Find the Right Colors

Next, you need to find the right colors.Whenever you pair or blend different types of flooring, you can either match them or contrast them. These techniques depend on your taste in decoration, and ultimately, the look you want to achieve. For instance,  you’ll need to think about either staining or refinishing your hardwood and bamboo flooring. However, keep in mind that darker bamboo flooring might have a different wood grain than their lighter cousins.

Determine Wood Grain

Determining the correct wood grain is another critical aspect of blending bamboo flooring with the hardwood that is already in your home. Although it has many benefits, bamboo is engineered, so it might not be a close fit with any other hardwood you have. You’ll recognize bamboo by the telltale lines running across the boards that you choose. Top quality hardwood can be made almost indistinguishable from bamboo, although selecting an engineered hardwood could be the solution you need.

Use T-Molding

If you’re unsure of what else to do, you could always use some T-molding. T-molding is a term used to refer to transition pieces that connect disparate pieces of wood flooring. Even if the planks are side by side, some of them still tend to be higher than others. With T-molds, you can adjust any height differences you see.

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