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Hardwood Floor Installation Services in Dorsey

If you’re aware of all the benefits that hardwood floors can bring to your home, you’re likely looking for hardwood floor installation services! As far as the Dorsey area goes, John K. Eareckson & Co is proud to be such a well-respected team that works with hardwood floors locally. Working side-by-side with our clients allows us to put beautiful, traditional hardwood floors in homes throughout Dorsey. It’s our belief that we can bring the right experience, customer service, and enthusiasm to complete any hardwood floor installation job in the Dorsey area.

Choosing Hardwood 

While there are many hard floors on the market, from tile to faux hardwood, none offer the same unique combination of benefits that true hardwood does. Hardwood is durable, looks and feels natural, and offers a number of different design or color options to make sure your floors are a fit for any space. Hardwood floors are also perfect for durability, as they only require a bit of maintenance to keep them looking and feeling amazing.

While some consider carpets, remember that carpets can get dirty and hold onto all that bacteria that floats around your home. This can help exacerbate seasonal allergies or even result in you getting sick more often. To stop this, you need to be very vigorous with cleaning your carpeted floors. On the other hand, hardwood floors are difficult to stain, easy to wipe up once a mess does happen, and require very little maintenance.

Our Guarantee

The team here at JKE has nearly a century of experience in the world of hardwood floor installation. We have the right combination of equipment, job experience, and personnel to get a job done properly with your needs in mind. It’s our duty to bring the same level of professionalism to every job we do within the Dorsey area, so be sure to reach out to learn more about our hardwood floor installation methods.

Installation methods…

  • Direct Stick: Your typical hardwood floor installation is going to involve the direct stick method. This is where a moisture barrier is applied to the concrete, then wood planks are laid overtop, being secured with a combination of glue and nails.
  • Plank on Ply: If the direct stick method can’t be done due to the way the concrete is shaped, an installer may choose to go the plank on ply route. The steps are the same, but there’s a layer of plywood between the planks and the concrete slab.
  • Plank on Battens: Lastly, battens can be fixed to the concrete which will create a more hollow-sounding floor, commonly seen in older homes though not as common these days.

Contact John K. Eareckson & Co for the Best Hardwood Floor Installation Services Across Dorsey!

Your flooring is essential to the design of your home, and we know that better than anyone! Relying on a professional team for hardwood floor installation is the way to go for such a big job, and we are the go-to experts in the Dorsey community. Trust us to take your beautiful home to the next level with pristine hardwood floors! Get in touch at 410-788-4200 or contact us online to get started.

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