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2 Tips for Cleaning Your Bamboo Floors

2 Tips for Cleaning Your Bamboo Floors

There are plenty of flooring options for you to explore for your home, like the traditional hardwood, but none are as trendy and exquisite as bamboo floors.

There are plenty of flooring options for you to explore for your home, like the traditional hardwood, but none are as trendy and exquisite as bamboo floors – both of which can blend quite nicely. Bamboo floors are stylish and quite advantageous to have in your home while also maintaining a gorgeous appearance that is sure to impress all of your house guests. However, since bamboo floors are not your traditional flooring material, you are sure to have a few questions, such as “how to clean them?” You don’t need to be intimidated by the thought of some complicated cleaning method for bamboo floors, as they are actually pretty simple to maintain and clean.

Use the Same Method as Hardwood

Fortunately, previous cleaning methods you used on hardwood floors will work quite nicely to your new bamboo floors as well. With a hardwood floor, you would need a broom, mop, or vacuum to help keep the floor clean of dirt, dust, and other kinds of debris; the broom you use should have soft bristles. However, unlike hardwood floors, a broom and vacuum are basically all you need to keep your bamboo floors clean. You’ll only occasionally need to use a wet mop with an approved bamboo floor cleaning solution or a non-alkaline based hardwood cleaning solution. Even so, make sure the mop you use is only slightly damp because a mop that is too wet can trap moisture in the floorboards, causing the floor to swell and warp.

Don’t Use Wax or Soap

Wax and soap are unnecessary for cleaning bamboo floors, so don’t use them for this purpose. You might think that the wax will help bamboo floors look better, but it won’t. Instead, the wax will catch dirt and debris – making your floors look worse than before you added the wax. Meanwhile, soap can cause the protective layer on bamboo planks to start peeling, which again is something to avoid at all costs, so you are not ruining your beautiful bamboo floor. If you are looking to touch up your bamboo floor, ask your supplier or installer of your bamboo floor for approved products to use on them, such as a urethane finish or another agent with a balanced pH level.

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