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Problems That Hardwood Floors Experience in Summer

Problems That Hardwood Floors Experience in Summer

Today, we’ll look at problems that hardwood floors could experience during the summer.

Summer is just about ready to get under way, and this is the season when the temperatures outside peak. Along with this extra heat, there also tends to be an increase in humidity. This humidity can be especially concerning, especially to wooden areas of your house, such as any hardwood floors you have.

You want to be prepared for whatever the summer brings, and if you’re going to protect your hardwood floors, it helps to know what can damage them. That’s why, today, we’ll look at problems that hardwood floors could experience during the summer.


Cupping of the floor boards is one of the most likely problems you can encounter with your hardwood floors during the summer. Humidity means moisture, and moisture makes wood expand. With enough moisture, your boards can begin bending. In some situations, there is more moisture on the bottom of the boards than there is on the top. When the wood has more moisture on the bottom, it means the top of the boards dry more quickly, which results in the uneven bending of the boards.


Hardwood floors can also have their looks altered when the summer weather comes around. This is because of the intense sunlight, which can cause the color of wooden floors to fade. Not only is the sunlight more intense during the summer, but the sun stays out longer, further increasing the chances that your floor’s color will lighten throughout the season.

How to Protect Your Floor Boards

Before summer is in full swing, you’ll want to take preventive measures to keep your hardwood floors in good condition. To start, use any furniture in your house to your advantage so that it shields your floor from too much sunlight. Every now and then, try switching where the furniture goes so that no single spot on your floor gets too much sun exposure.

Next, consider the cut of your hardwood. If you’re worried about how much moisture is in your environment, you should go with quarter sawn wood. This is especially true for anyone who goes with wide plank hardwood flooring.

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