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What You Need to Know About Bamboo Flooring

What You Need to Know About Bamboo Flooring

Have you noticed that you need to replace your flooring? Then it might be time to do so.

Have you noticed that you need to replace your flooring? Then it might be time to do so. Laminate flooring also has its own benefits, but you might find that bamboo flooring is much more worth it in terms of home improvement investments. Let’s elaborate on our point! 

Harder Than Oak Flooring 

It’s easy to assume that oak flooring is the hardest flooring you can find. According to the Janka hardness scale, it is certainly up there in that echelon. It turns out that strand-woven bamboo surpasses it. Did you know that compared to steel or concrete bamboo is even stronger? It truly is. 

It Grows Incredibly Quickly 

This material is also eco-friendly. Part of the reason for this is that it’s sustainable. Bamboo is not a type of tree, despite what you may have heard. It’s actually a type of grass! Although trees might need decades to mature to the point where it can be harvested (heartwood or not) bamboo regenerates much more quickly, only taking somewhere between five to seven years to regrow. 

Choose Different Colors 

If aesthetics are more your concern, then you’ll be pleased as punch to learn that you can choose different colors for it. Matching colors with the rest of the room in which you want to place the bamboo flooring is an important consideration and you don’t want everything to go off the rails. If light flooring is what you want, then you’ve got it. Prefer dark flooring? Not a problem, either. Other colors between these shades are also easy to achieve. It all comes down to what you want! 

Refinishing is Easy 

At some point, all flooring needs to either be refinished or replaced entirely. Luckily, refinishing bamboo flooring is super easy. Clear coating is another technique that makes a difference, too. While one issue to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to change the color of the floor, you also won’t have to worry about dents or scratches becoming a problem, either! 

Fantastic for Foot Traffic

It’s hard to envision the next time you’ll have a party or some other type of gathering. Preparing now can make that social event all the sweeter once it actually happens. Bamboo flooring is great for rooms that are going to be subjected to high levels of foot traffic. If something should happen to it later on, then you’ll be grateful for your foresight right now.  

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