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Post-Party Clean Up

Preventive measures can save time and extra cleaning

Using rugs on hardwood floors can help you avoid scuff marks and keep dirt off the floors.

After the leftovers have been stashed in your refrigerator and the guests have left for the night, you take a look around your house and realize there are dirty footprints leading through your kitchen. These are marks that many people have to deal with after a party, so how do you restore your floors to pre-party perfection?

Pre-party Preventive Maintenance

To start a preventive maintenance plan, start with putting mats down on either side of your doors. This will lessen the amount of time you’ll have to spend picking up after your guests during the party.

Basic Care for Your Hardwood Floors

The day before your party, don’t forget to do some basic maintenance on your floors. Floors are not something people tend to notice until they feel stickiness under their feet that tells them the floors aren’t clean. Your basic cleaning regimen should consist of dusting your floors with a dusting agent this will pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair. Follow the dusting by vacuuming the floor with a floor-brush attachment. It is not advisable to use a regular vacuum as it could damage the floors.

Deep Cleaning for Your Hardwood Floors

Deep cleaning will remove all dirt and grime not removed during your weekly dusting. For this, use a wood-cleaning product diluted with water. Use a damp mop to scrub the floors but avoid leaving standing water on them as it could damage the wood. If the weather is humid in your home, use a ceiling fan or other device to speed up drying.

Remember that everyone from kids, pets, and the elderly can forget to wipe their feet. But to fully enjoy your party, make sure clean rugs are put in front of all doors and the cooler is full of ice and drinks. And don’t worry, that cleaning can wait until morning.

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