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Before Installing Hardwood Floors, Ask Yourself These Questions

Before Installing Hardwood Floors, Ask Yourself These Questions

If you plan on installing hardwood floors this fall, you should stop and see if you indeed know yourself.

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates famously proclaimed “Know thyself.” If you plan on installing hardwood floors this fall, you should stop and see if you indeed know yourself. In fact, ask yourself these questions: What does your home look like? How do you plan on staining the floor? What does maintaining it entail? Do people walk on it constantly? Follow our helpful guide to help answer these questions. Getting the best hardwood floors shouldn’t involve a lot of soul-searching, but you want to be sure you protect your investment for as long as you can.

What Does Your Home Look Like?

When you’re deciding on the type of wood to use for your floors, think about the rest of your home first. Take a close look at the trim and casings that are already there. You should strive for harmony between your new flooring and your existing decor. The colors, the walls, and the light in the room all matter too. If there’s enough natural light streaming in from huge windows, you can choose darker hardwood floors. But if the room is already dark, choose lighter colors instead.

How Do You Plan on Staining?

No, when you stain your floor this way, you’re not leaving an ugly mark. In this sense, staining is used to boost the aesthetic beauty of your flooring. Stains and finishes are both essential for leaving breathtaking designs on your floor. Solid wood is easier to work with since it’s not as glossy. Besides, if you want to make the floor brighter, you could combine different finishes to bring out the shine.

What Does Maintenance Entail?

How will you take care of your new hardwood floors? Solid wood gives you more durability at the cost of versatility. Engineered wood, however, will give you more options for style choices. Either way, no matter which type of wood you choose, keep the stain in mind.

Do You Expect Many Visitors?

How many visitors will you have if you’re thinking about throwing a party? How many family members and pets will you have running around the house on a typical day? You could always choose red oak as a solid hardwood floor, and use different grain patterns that provide different stains and finishes for hiding those unwanted scratches and dents.

Ready for a Beautiful Hardwood Floor? You Can Trust John K Eareckson & Co.!

When you work with John K Eareckson & Co. Flooring, we will ensure your hardwood floors undergo a stress-free acclimation process and that they sparkle for years to come. From a seamless and beautiful installation to years of maintenance, John K Eareckson & Co. Flooring has the expertise to care for your home’s hardwood floors. For a consultation and more information visit us online or give us a call at 410-788-4200. You can also follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

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