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Hardwood Help: How to Protect your Flooring from Sun Damage

hardwood sun damage

The sun’s rays can cause sun damage to wreak havoc on your hardwood floors. Protect them!

Summer sunshine is perfect when you want to spend the day outdoors at a park or splashing in a pool, but while you’re out enjoying the day, your hardwood floors will be fighting to stay beautiful. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause your hardwood flooring to fade fast, but with some precautions, you can stave off the sun damage. The solution isn’t a simple one, but with a combination of preparations, your floor will be beautiful all summer long.

Window Protection

If you are willing to make an investment in energy efficient windows, you’ll get double benefits. Low-e glass windows are layered with a special coating that minimizes the amount of UV rays that are allowed to pass through your glass. This is better for your home, but it is also better for your floors. UV light can have a bleaching affect on your floors, so the less that are allowed in, the better.

Some homes have historic original windows that cannot be replaced. If this is the case for you, you can still reap the benefits of low-e glass technology with window films. Window films are applied to the inside of the windows in your home, and they act quite similarly to low-e glass. The film is often thin, and generally comes in multiple layers for maximum protection from sun damage. If you decide to change out your flooring, replace your windows, or invest in blinds, you can remove the film simply.

Not everyone is in the market for new windows, and replacement isn’t always in the budget. If this is the case, the effect of  sun damage can be mitigated through the help of a simpler, more low-tech option. During the day when the sun is at its brightest, simply use your window treatment as a way to block out the sun. Not only are drapes and blinds an effective option, but they look great too. You can accessorize your home and protect your hardwood flooring at the same time.

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