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How to Refinish Hardwood Floors in Baltimore

Refinishing your Baltimore hardwood floors is not a very difficult task. But before you begin to do so, it is best to determine if you actually need to refinish your hardwood floors. There are a few simple tricks to help you determine if your hardwood floors need to be refinished.

Take a droplet of water and drop it onto your floor, if the water quickly is absorbed into the wood than your floor probably needs to be refinished.

To refinish your floor, first you must remove all of the furniture from your room so it doesn’t get in the way. Additionally, tape up any electrical outlets and light switches so the finish doesn’t get inside of them. Lastly vacuum your floor.

When you are ready to begin refinishing your hardwood floor you should begin with sanding the floor. Sanding down the floor will help you get a smooth finish on your Baltimore hardwood floors.

After you have finished sanding down your floors, you should stain your floor with a glossy seal. This will help protect your floors from damage.

For more information about hardwood floor refinishing in Baltimore:

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