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Why Is My Wood Floor Squeaking and Creaking?

Why Is My Wood Floor Squeaking and Creaking?

Here are just some of the key ways you can easily and effectively prevent your wood floors from squeaking or creaking.

When it comes to your floors, squeaking and cracking can be all too common for many. In fact, wood floors are notorious for potential squeaks and creaks. But, there are absolutely effective and efficient ways to prevent your wood floors from these annoying sounds. Here are just some of the key ways you can easily and effectively prevent your wood floors from squeaking or creaking. 

A Damaged Floor Joist

One key reason you could be experiencing a creaky or squeaky floor could be a result of a damaged floor joist. In fact, when a floor joist is damaged or potentially cracked, you’ll end up having nails holding up the sheeting, which ultimately results in the creaking sound that is all too familiar for many homeowners who have wood floors. The reality is, there are no advantages to having a creaking floor. The immediate step to fix the issue will ultimately require a call to a professional to ensure your wood floor issues are resolved effectively and efficiently.

Improper Installation

Whenever you have wood floors that are improperly installed, you are likely to deal with squeaky or creamy floors. In fact, creaking floors can be disconcerting for most homeowners. The sense of a haunted house comes to mind when thinking about a squeaky wood floor. However, there are definitive ways to stop squeaky floors. Solving the problem will require the expertise of a professional who understands the causes of creaking wood floors — which could have easily been a result of poor workmanship in the installation process. 

Potential Foundational Movement

There is no doubt that if you have dealt with movement to your foundation, you could end up with creaking wood floors. In fact, the effort to avoid squeaky wood floors after experiencing any movement to your foundation is virtually impossible. But, remedying the situation can be accomplished. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the benefits associated with having professionals ensure your wood floors are installed properly can be the most effective way to avoid creaking or squeaking wood floors. In fact, there are many different reasons your wood floors could become creaky, but ultimately preventing this from happening to begin with can be the go-to for many homeowners. 

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