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Protect your Hardwood Floors from Pets

Your dog may be man’s best friend, but he’s certainly no friend no hardwood floors. Dog and cat claws alike can scratch up the surface of your hardwood floor, leaving it looking damaged and worn years before its time. While this damage can occur just from walking, some pets may even scratch at the floors deliberately, often as a sign or nerves or stress. So how can you protect your hardwood floors from pet claws while still keeping your furry friends by your side? Read on to find out!

Protect Wood Floors from PetsDog and Cat Claws Can Damage Hardwood Floors

One of the easiest ways to protect your hardwood floors from your pets’ claws is by keeping their nails trimmed and neat. This is something that a professional groomer can do, or you can opt to do yourself, though you need to be careful to avoid cutting the nail to the quick if you make it a DIY activity. Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed will not only help your hardwood floors stay looking like new, but it can also protect other furniture from getting scratched up as well.

If your dog or cat spends the majority of their time in one particular area of the house, you’ll notice it. The hardwood floors may end up looking more damaged there in comparison to other areas. To combat this, consider using an area rug to cover the spot where your pet frequent walks or scratches. This keeps the floor safe from their sharp claws, and it will also be easier to shake out the rug on a regular basis to remove any shed hair or dirt!

If you have a pet, it does not mean that you can’t have high quality hardwood floors as well. Take a few simple measures to protect your floors and enjoy a happy, clean home!

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