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Common Hardwood Flooring Installation Mistakes  

hardwood flooring mistakes and moisture

DIY hardwood flooring install can come with many mistakes.

When it comes to trying to save time, hardwood installation projects are not kind to those who try to take shortcuts! The right hardwood installer will provide due diligence in making sure your hardwood flooring installation goes off without a hitch. Unfortunately, many homeowners try to save money by doing a hardwood flooring installation themselves, or hiring out the cheapest service available. A quality company can avoid the common mistakes listed below.

Not Applying Enough Nails

A common mistake in hardwood installation is not providing enough fasteners. This can either be due to inexperience or an installer just trying to cut corners, but it’s important to have every board properly fastened. Without the right amount of fasteners, a floor can move, make noise and gaps between the boards can form. As a general rule, every board should have a minimum of two fasteners, and there should be a fastener one to three inches from the end of each board. On rare occasions, installers may be guilty of applying too many fasteners, which can lead to loose floors.

Not Reviewing Moisture Levels

Extreme temperatures can really take a toll on hardwood installations, and the wood will acclimate itself to whatever environment it finds itself. While an initial hardwood installation may look like a success, many homeowners are shocked to find gaps, swelling and other issues in their floors when the seasons change. Finding a moisture content that will accommodate the extremes of the weather is an important process, but it is a common mistake among many hardwood installations. A quality hardwood installer will let you know that gaps during different seasons are normal, but giant gaps that develop are signs of a poor installation.

Poor Layout Preparation

A quality hardwood installer will have enough experience to know how to properly prepare for a layout. Rooms are normally never a perfect square shape, and a reputable hardwood installer will have tools to help account for the right layout for focal points of the floor. The right hardwood installer will also know how to avoid out of place partial boards, as well as how to allow even expansion.

Hiring the Right Flooring Company

If you want to get the most out of your hardwood floors, you need to work with a professional company that excels in client satisfaction.

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