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John K. Eareckson & Co. is the flooring expert you need to enhance your home! Since 1917, our superb team has supported both commercial and residential clients throughout Baltimore and Washington, DC. We provide high-quality and cost-efficient carpeting services that take your home to the next level. From installation to replacement, John K. Eareckson & Co. has the expertise to manage every project from start to finish and operates with strict attention to detail. Upgrade your home today with gorgeous new carpeting from a trusted professional! Contact us to learn more.

Our Premier Carpeting Services

At John K. Eareckson & Co., we take the customer experience to the next level. Our team specializes in personalized, in-home shopping and provides carpet samples to customers at their leisure. We will help you find the perfect carpet pattern, texture, and fiber for your home while adhering to your specific budget constraints. With John K. Eareckson & Co. on your side, installation is efficient, professional, and non-intrusive. We’re the best team for the job.

Carpeting Designs and Fibers for Every Taste

It’s no wonder that carpeting is a staple in most homes and businesses. Carpeting gives sophistication and elegance to the design while adding significant comfort to the room. The John K. Eareckson & Co. team sources a wide array of high-quality carpet selections from Next Day Floors. From patterned carpeting to nylon Berbers, we give you the best options and help you weigh the benefits of each design. Some of our most popular carpet types include the following:

  • Nylon Berbers
  • Olefin Berbers
  • Patterned carpet
  • Textured carpet
  • Saxony or Plush

There are five key carpet fibers to choose between: nylon, olefin, wool, polyester, and smartstrand. Each fiber varies in appearance, durability, cost, and versatility. We will help you choose the best fiber for your budget and desired carpet type.

Nylon, wool, polyester, and smartstrand all reign supreme in versatility. Each of these fibers can be used in any carpet type and maintain significant durability. Olefin is a stain-resistant carpet fiber, exclusively used for Berber carpet designs. Even though olefin is categorized as stain-resistant, it is not very durable. We recommend that you install olefin Berber carpeting in a room with little foot traffic to ensure a long lifespan. The most expensive fibers are wool or nylon, while olefin is the most cost-efficient.

For more information about John K. Eareckson & Co., please contact us today! From hardwood flooring refinishing to vinyl flooring installation, we offer a wide variety of services to upgrade your home or business. Ready to learn more? Set up your initial consultation with our expert team!