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Can You Install New Hardwood on a Staircase?

Can You Install New Hardwood on a Staircase?

Did you know that hardwood can also be used on a staircase? Let’s find out more.

We all know how beautiful new hardwood looks on our floors. So, we try our level best to take care of it accordingly. But hardwood is much more versatile than just serving as an upgrade to our floors. Did you know that hardwood can also be used on a staircase? Let’s find out more.  

Sizing Hardwood Planks

Before you begin, it’s important to remember that each step in your staircase will be of a slightly different size. You will need to account for four different components when you prepare to install new hardwood on your stairs: the tread, the riser, plus how long and how wide each plank should be.

If you determine your stairs aren’t all the same height, then you’ll need to do something about it. However, this step should be simple: add a tiny bit of length to the tallest riser, about 3/4ths of an inch. Whatever else you do, don’t make the planks too short. If you happen to make this mistake, then you’ll have to start the entire process over.

Using Tread and Risers

What exactly are the tread and risers? Good question. The tread is the section of the stair that you walk on as you go up or down the stairs. The riser is the term for the part of the stair where it meets the next one up. Risers need to be established before the treads. Make sure the riser fits the frame you are attaching it to, and then nail them together carefully based on the positions of frame components called stringers.

Once you’re ready to install the tread, make sure it sits up against the riser; in case you see any gaps, you can fill these in with shims. Shims are wood cuttings that you weren’t able to fix. Shims are also useful for dealing with squeaking hardwood floors. Don’t forget about the adhesive you need to glue everything together!

Adding the Balustrade

The third step of installing hardwood on your staircase involves the balustrade. The problem is that this task is more complicated than the typical DIY homeowner can handle. For that reason, it’s a good idea to let hardwood experts to deal with it for you.

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