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5 Fun Facts About Bamboo Flooring

5 Fun Facts About Bamboo Flooring

You’d be surprised by how well bamboo flooring works. Here are some fun facts for you to consider.

Once your hardwood floors have worn out, it’s time to think about replacing them. Although you could choose a different type of wood, or even switch to laminate flooring, you’d be surprised by how well bamboo flooring works. Here are some fun facts for you to consider.

It’s Harder Than Oak

It might surprise you to know that bamboo is tougher than oak. That means it has a higher score on the Janka rating scale. The Janka scale measures how hard a specific wood is. Strand-woven bamboo, in particular, is at the top of the scale. Interestingly enough, bamboo also has a higher tensile strength than concrete or steel!

It Grows Quickly

You might think that bamboo grows on trees since you’re used to hearing that term in connection with those adorable giant pandas in China. However, bamboo is a type of grass. It can take years, decades, and even centuries for a tree to reach full maturity. That can make it more challenging to harvest, especially given how popular hardwood flooring is. Luckily, bamboo flooring has enough supply to meet the demand for it. It only takes it five to seven years to return to its original height after being cut down for harvest.  

Can Be Different Shades

When it comes to replacing the hardwood floors in your home, you might be picky about the color that you want it to be. After all, you have to make sure that it matches the room where you plan to install it. Even so, bamboo can come in a multitude of shades and colors. Want something light or dark? You got it. Any colors in between? Yup.

Easy to Refinish

Refinishing your hardwood floors helps to restore their shine. Bamboo floors can also benefit from this treatment. The use of clear coating also works, but if you want to try and change the color of your bamboo floors during the refinishing process, then accept that it won’t work. However, one upside is that the bamboo is much more resistant to denting and scratching than you would expect!

Great for High Traffic Rooms

This material is incredibly durable and easy to take care of; this is why you should install bamboo flooring in the busiest parts of your home. You’ll be thankful whenever something happens to the floor during your next party or social gathering.  

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