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3 Myths About Hardwood Floors

3 Myths About Hardwood Floors

There are many myths about hardwood floors. Join us for some myth-busting.

There are many myths about hardwood floors. Although many of them are untrue, sometimes they do contain a kernel of truth. There is one common belief: that the shinier a floor is, the more durable it is. That’s not the case. Join us for some myth-busting.

Shininess Equals Durability

A shiny hardwood floor looks beautiful. There is no doubting its aesthetic appeal. But just because it has all that shine doesn’t mean it is any more durable than a comparable floor that has lost its luster. Gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and matte all affect the texture and appearance of the wood, and help protect it on some level, but not in the sense of increasing its durability. Many homeowners believe this myth, but that doesn’t make it true. It comes down to the type of finish you want for your floors because shinier floors will lose that shine over time.  

Adding Polyurethane Increases Durability

This is another myth. When you want to make your floors look glossier, there’s nothing wrong with that. But the gloss won’t make it any stronger. You will need to think about sealants, stains, and paint. Plus, the hardness of the wood has much to do with how durable the floors are.

Glossiness Increases Sheen

Like the top coat of nail polish, the glossiness of your hardwood floors is determined by what’s on top. Myths about hardwood floors are incredibly hard to break, and part of that has to do with how little people know about how hardwood floors are manufactured, installed, and refinished over their years of service. Having more coats of gloss won’t increase the sheen, either.

Popular Sheens   

Now that you know more about the different levels of sheen available for your hardwood floors, you’ll probably be savvier whenever you encounter another myth about hardwood floors. That said, some polishes are still more popular than others. Satin and matte finishes aren’t as shiny, but that isn’t always considered a problem these days. Semi-gloss looks like it is behind the times and that it is less expensive, which means that you get what you pay for, and in this case, it might not have been worth it.

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