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Trend Watch: Reclaimed Hardwood

reclaimed hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood is hot right now and can give your home a dose of beauty and environmentally friendliness.

One of the biggest trends circulating around the homeowner and hardwood flooring communities is the use of reclaimed hardwood. As people work to be more environmentally friendly, reclaimed hardwood is becoming an in demand material. If you’re looking for a way to make an impact, and create an impressive and unique hardwood floor, reclaimed hardwood might be the trend for you.

What is reclaimed hardwood?

Wood has been used as an important material for as long as humans have been around. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is created from the remains of old homes, old floor, barns, and is often collected from rivers and lakes. The outcome of this collection of old wood from many different sources is quite a unique look. Reclaimed hardwood looks weathered, but often in a beautiful way. To put it simply, reclaimed hardwood floors will add incredible rustic character to absolutely any home. The wood often retains its nail holes, watermarks, and saw cuts, but is milled for a more refined and finished look.

What are the benefits?

Obviously, one of the primary benefits of this flooring option is the way it looks. Many people are very drawn to the beautiful marriage of historic character and modern finishing. There are several other benefits to take into account though.

Reclaimed hardwood, though older, is surprisingly durable. In earlier days, the wood used to craft hardwood floors was harvested from old-growth wood. These trees were allowed to grow for hundreds of years, making its wood far more dense and sturdy than the wood of the younger trees that are used in making hardwood flooring today. Though your hardwood will be older, it will be more durable.

In using reclaimed hardwood, you are essentially recycling. Instead of contributing to the cutting down of hundreds of trees, you will be making the most of trees that were cut down long ago. Though trees are a renewable resource, it takes years upon years to grow new ones, and in using reclaimed wood, you are saving more than a few trees from destruction.

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